2nd Ammendment

2nd Amendment

2nd amendment It’s never been more important to protect all Americans’ right to bear arms. As a gun owner himself, Kyle believes all Missourians and Americans have a right to protect themselves. Anything that restricts your second amendment rights, I’ll be voting no.

Pro Life

As a man of faith Kyle is 100% pro-life and committed to ending the federal funding of abortion.


America is the land of promise, and we love seeing people from around the world find the American dream, but it needs to be done legally. Our borders must be protected, our wall must be built and we must know who’s entering.

School Choice

No one knows more what children need than their parents. It’s past time that we localize education, giving parents control of what their kids learn, not the federal government.
School Choice
Term Limits_

Term Limits

Washington is full of career politicians climbing their ladder. Unfortunately our elected officials tend to be more worried about keeping their job than keeping their promises. It’s time to enact term limits.


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